weekly assignments

For my week 2 assignments I started with an assignment from the image category “what’s the meme”. I made a meme out of a famous scene from the godfather, offering some way too late advice to that character.

For my second assignment I wrote a haiku for a “a snap shot of a story” in the writing category. I chose to snap shot Casino Royale as it is my favorite spy movie.

Spy texas hold ’em

Bond wins millions for England

Vesper back stabs Bond

For my third assignment I made three gifs of one of my favorite recent shows Letter Kenny. It is a hilarious show similar to trailer park boys in the sense that it is a comedy about Canadian “hicks”. It is such a smartly written show, at some times I swear the dialogue is just one epic poem.

Weekly Summary

This week I got to read through a lot of the assignments in the assignment bank and I have to say I’m excited to try some of these out. I struggled to get my website up last week so I’m glad this week I was able to figure all of that out. I really enjoyed the question of the week I’m a pretty big movie buff so it was perfect for me. I’m still struggling to link my twitter but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it soon.