Question of the Week

I will start by stating that my favorite kind of story is constantly changing but if you pushed me to pick one at this current moment I would have to say comics. The pairing of art and a novel is a fun meeting place between movies and books that are able to show the reader more than a book can in that you can see the events transpire in the art. Also comics can control what the viewer sees and feels more than a movie can in that the timing of reveals can be controlled far more in the exact placing of panels and what is in them where as in a movie the fluid nature of the medium means that hitting a reveal at the exact intended time is a little harder.

1st Mid Week Summary

This week I set up all my accounts for this class, creating separate accounts for this class for platforms I already had. I familiarized myself with word press and slack as I am new to these programs. I’m excited for this class and the work we have coming up.

These are my instagram posts for this week for my account at foxforce1066. The pictures are of me in the everglades, a sandwich from the restaurant I work with, and one of the food trucks I run.